A prospective study on the European joint support for the implementation of the National Investment Plan for the National Food and Nutrition Security Policy (NIP-NFNSP) in Palestine



Funding body

European Union


10/01/2022 – 10/10/2021



The project, funded under the SIEA-Lot 2 Framework Contract, aims to contribute to improve the European partnership for a more effective development cooperation in Palestine. In doing so, the project team will advise the European Development Partners EDP) on joint programmes that support the operationalisation of Palestinian priorities in the areas of agricultural development and food security, with the ultimate goal of providing strategic recommendations for more effective use of resources.


To this end, the team will focus its efforts on three main components:

  1. Overall assessment of the portfolio of existing projects funded directly by the European Union or other Member States, to draw conclusions on their coherence with the European Joint Strategy (which sets out the overall rationale and guidelines for EU and Member State support) and the priorities set out in the NIP.
  2. Identify adjusted or new profiles of intervention that contribute to improving or adding value to cooperation in this thematic area.
  3. Identify key lessons and methodological recommendations for joint programming and action by the EDPs to maximise effectiveness and address possible shortcomings identified (governance mechanisms for cooperation).