Analysis of supply and demand for conformity assessment services required by regulators and supervisors and proposal for the development of strategies. (Selection #: PE-T1417-P005)



Funding body

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)


19/04/2022 - 18/10/2022


Description: The contract is part of the project «Strengthening the National Quality System of Peru» financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), which aims to strengthen the National Quality System of Peru by supporting its leading institution, the National Institute of Quality (INACAL).

The contract supports that objective by achieving the following specific objectives:

  • Strengthen the Accreditation Directorate and the entities of the National Quality System (Accreditation ecosystem) for timely and efficient attention to the current and future demand for conformity assessment services currently required for public procurement processes, and the regulatory and supervision.
  • Promote the growth of the Conformity Assessment Bodies (CAB) offer, in a decentralized manner, contributing to the development of high value-added activities in the regions
  • Facilitate the insertion of national production in public purchases and in activities regulated by the different sectors (energy and mining, health, production, environment, education, foreign trade and tourism, transport and QaliWarma).

To achieve these objectives, an exhaustive analysis of the current situation of the country’s conformity assessment services will be carried out, identifying current and future needs and estimating the demand, supply and gap of conformity assessment services.

The main results of the project are::

  • Prepare work plan by defining the roadmap, guidelines and elements, taking into account the scope and limitations based on the current situation.
  • Carry out surveys of the different actors involved to collect all the information that allows identifying the current and future needs of conformity assessment services and accreditation services.
  • Prepare an analysis report where the information obtained in the previous stage is systematized and interpreted, so that it can be used to estimate the demand, supply and gap of conformity assessment services.
  • Integrate and structure the final report with the investment plan, which must propose the theoretical-methodological criteria that encompass the identification of demand and supply; estimate the demand for services and determine the gap in the provision of services to strengthen the Accreditation Directorate, as well as the rest of the entities of the SNC.

As a final product of the contract, a Final Report will be prepared, with a detailed investment plan, which includes at least:

  • Estimation of current and projected demand for conformity assessment services required in the country. And types of Conformity Assessment Bodies required at the regional level
  • Estimation and projection of the offer of Conformity Assessment (CA) services and accreditation services, determining the gap for the projected period.
  • Proposal and forecast budget (cost of required accreditations) for an intervention strategy aimed at reducing the gaps in conformity assessment and accreditation in the country, especially in support of control and surveillance actions, and public procurement.
  • Identification of items where the potential profitability for the CAB may not be sufficient to generate a private offer and an intervention from the state with CABs belonging to the public sector should be suggested.
  • Identification and correlation between the competitiveness index of 5 countries in the region (4 CAN countries and 1 additional) and the number of CABs accredited for conformity assessment required by technical regulations, normalized per million inhabitants. Countries: Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Chile
  • Summary executive report