Auditing, inspection and sampling for of products and services certification


Worldwide (Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, England, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Greece, Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Turkey, India, Thailand, Taiwan, China, South Korea, Malaysia, Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Iran , Saudi Arabia, Mexico, USA)

Funding body

Private (SMEs, Large Industries and Enterprises) & Public Institutions


2013 – on going


General Objectives

Strengthening of quality infrastructure systems (Certification, Standardization, Accreditation, Metrology).

Compliance and Certification - CE Marking and Quality / Environmental Certification of products and services related to the application of Directives and Regulations of the European Union, as well as quality / environmental standards at National and International level.

Contribute to the improvement of competitiveness and reach new markets for companies through the Certification of Products and Services.

Ensure compliance with international market requirements within the framework of agreements of the WTO (World Trade Organization) and the TBT (Technical Barriers to Trade).

Specific Objectives

Support to Standardization and Regulation of International legislation, European Directives and Technical Regulations, to indicate what a product should be like or how a service should work so that it is safe and comes up to the consumer's expectations.

Trade of goods and services to the Global Market, by compliance on the requirements established in EU Directives, European and International Standards, and Technical Regulations.

Support to Certification, Inspection, Market Surveillance and Conformity Assessments of products/processes/firms to verify requirements defined in Standards, Directives, Regulations or Technical specifications.

Organizations and Companies will be able to satisfy customer needs and will generate more confidence in the market among suppliers and customers.

For this purpose, our technical assistance includes

Implementation of Conformity Assessments, Inspections, Market Surveillance, Audits to goods/products for the certification in main industry sectors, for the compliance of requirements established in European and International Standards, EU Directives and Regulations, and applicable Technical Regulations

Elaboration of checklists for SMEs and Large Industries assessments on compliance with EU Directives/Regulations, European and International standards, Technical Regulations

Sampling of products for quality control in accredited testing laboratories.

Assessment Reports analysing Compliance, SWOT analysis, Observations, Remarks, Improvement aspects, Deviations, Action Plans, Recommendations, Corrective and preventive actions, Objectives, Policies, Metrology, Production and Operational control, Customer satisfaction, Management and Planning.

Guidance and Analysis of action plans

Training and Coaching of firms in quality assurance, quality control of products and environmental management.

Participation as an active member in certification technical committees.