Diagnosis of gaps in specialized metrology services (Selection #: PE-T1417-P007)



Financing Institution
Date start-End

01/11/2022 - 05/05/2023


The contract is part of the project «Strengthening the National Quality System of Peru» financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), which aims to strengthen the National Quality System of Peru by supporting its leading institution, the National Institute of Quality (INACAL).

Specifically, this contract is focused on strengthening INACAL, through its Metrology Directorate, to ensure timely and efficient attention to medium and long-term metrological needs. To this end, it establishes as a general objective to have a study to estimate the current and future demand for metrological services in the country for a horizon of 10 years, based on a diagnosis of the provision of metrological services in Peru and the systematization of successful international experiences that have contributed to the consolidation of metrology in their respective countries.


The contract supports this objective by achieving the following specific objectives:

  • Quantitatively evaluate and estimate the demand, supply and gap, current and future, of industrial, scientific and legal metrology services at the national level, for a horizon of 10 years, considering the needs of metrological support for economic development, scientific and technological of the country.
  • Identify, review, describe and analyze the characteristics, strategies, mechanisms, and projects through which metrological services are provided in a group of previously selected countries in order to identify the best practices that can be adopted or replicated by the Metrology Directorate of INACAL.


For this, activities are carried out related to:

  • Prepare work plan by defining the roadmap, guidelines and elements, taking into account the scope and limitations based on the current situation.
  • Identification of interested parties and relevant entities from the private, public and academic sectors, related to the use of metrological services (industrial, scientific and legal metrology services)
  • Gathering of information through the identified interested parties and the analysis of relevant documentation. Development of methodology for the collection and analysis of information
  • Development of the methodological framework for the identification of the current and projected demand for services (industrial, scientific and legal metrology services) at the national level (cross-sectional and by region), as well as the current and projected supply of services, and the gap .
  • Identification and analysis of global and national trends that may influence the demand for industrial, scientific and legal metrology services in the regional spheres.
  • Analysis of priority regional production sectors (according to regional management documents), considering potential for future growth and their possible specific needs for metrological services according to the type of metrology (industrial, scientific and legal).
  • Determination of historical demand, current demand and quantitative projection of the demand for metrological services in industrial, scientific and legal metrology according to geographical area (regional and national); and, by magnitudes and laboratories.
  • Diagnosis of the current status of the provision of metrological services at the country level, emphasizing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, especially of the Metrology Directorate of INACAL.
  • Analysis of the structure of the public and private supply of metrological services according to regional scope, identifying the service providers and the portfolio of metrological services. Determination of the historical offer of services according to the developed structure.
  • Characterization of the current capacity to provide services and description of the state of the resources of the Metrology Department and other prioritized entities in coordination with the Metrology Department.
  • Projection of the supply of services according to the current characteristics of the providers of current industrial, scientific and legal metrology services according to the regional scope, including the Metrology Directorate of INACAL.
  • Develop and apply the methodology for the evaluation of the international realities to be considered in the benchmarking, including the reference country selection process. The selection of the 3 cases must be carried out in coordination with the INACAL Metrology Department.
  • Identify and describe experiences, projects and/or successful strategies found in the selected countries considering objectives, impacts and costs, and evaluate the possibility of application considering the characteristics of metrology services in Peru.


As a final product of the contract, an integrated final report will be prepared, which will be presented in the framework of a workshop with the authorities of INACAL and the IDB, which includes:

  • Determination of the projected gap and description of the characteristics of the metrological services required according to the type (industrial, scientific and legal metrology), magnitudes, laboratories and geographical areas (regions and national).
  • Identification of public and/or private institutions with a high level of accuracy in the capacity to offer services in fields not covered by the Metrology Directorate of INACAL.
  • Proposals for strategies to reduce the service gaps identified.


Reference analysis of investment needs to close the identified gap