Dominican Republic: Technical Assistance for business climate, MSMEs, circular economy and digitalisation)


Dominican Republic

Funding body

European Unión. Technical Cooperation Facility II No. FED/2018/041541


04/05/2022 – 03/05/2023



The contract is funded by the Technical Cooperation Facility II No. FED/2018/041541, which has the objective of supporting the design and implementation of development strategies in the Dominican Republic, particularly the National Development Strategy 2030 and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

The global objective of this contract is to contribute to the improving of business climate, strengthening the private sector, promoting the development of MSMEs, stimulating employability and entrepreneurship in an inclusive and sustainable manner, with special attention to rural areas, women, youth and people with disabilities.

The specific objective of the contract is to enhance the effectiveness of national policies and coordination mechanisms related to: circular economy, sustainable production and consumption, investments, business climate, micro, small and medium enterprises, trade, implementation of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) including access to markets, digitalization and labour regulations, with a gender perspective.

To achieve these objectives, the following activities are expected to be implemented:

  • Carrying out studies, analysis and documentation in support of Dominican Republic policies related to trade, industry and MSMEs, entrepreneurship and digitalization, and providing technical assistance to government institutions and local authorities in these areas.
  • Support to the EU Delegation in the Dominican Republic in the analysis and preparation of documentation related to the formulation of programs financed by the EU (national or regional) in the areas of trade, industry and MSMEs, entrepreneurship and digitization, in line with the 2021-2027 programming of the EU in the Dominican Republic, especially its first pillar, «Increase economic opportunities, especially for women and youth».
  • Support the EU Delegation in the Dominican Republic to produce an action document on Sustainable Economic Recovery, including potential indicators for a future budget support program in this area.
  • Organize meetings/events to support coordination between public, private and civil society actors in related sectors.