International technical assistance program ”Strengthening quality for the development of MSMES”

The objective of the project is to increase the productive quality of MSMEs with a view to improving their competitiveness in international and domestic markets, thus contributing to a more sustainable and inclusive growth of the Dominican economy.

To this end, short- and long-term technical assistance was provided to the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIC), as well as to the entities participating in the programme, in three components

Component 1

Contribute to the improvement of public institutions and mechanisms for the promotion of MSMEs, particularly in relation to Quality Infrastructure

Component 2

Contribute to the development of the market (supply and demand) for business services for MSMEs

Component 3

To contribute to the strengthening of the two value chains (with high presence of MSMEs, market growth potential and job creation) selected: cosmetics and processed fruits. This will reinforce the impact of components 1 and 2 to encourage MSMEs with the final objective of promoting international trade and exports in these two chains.