Mercosur econormas programme – provision of technical assistance on laboratories management and test quality assurance of electric, wood and furniture and engineering products


Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay

Funding body

12/2012 - 12/2014


Framed in the Programme «Support to the Process of Integration and Economic Development in the MERCOSUR region – ECONORMAS MERCOSUR Program» this project has as general objective to improve the quality and safety of the products of MERCOSUR and to strengthen its capacity to reconcile the growth of the economic and commercial activities, with a sustainable management of the resources promoting the environmental protection.

To this end, the specific objective was to provide consulting services in Quality Management for the implementation of ISO 17025.

In addition, the planning and execution of an action plan for the accreditation according to this standard of testing of wood and furniture products (furniture, doors, windows, floors), electrical products and metallurgical products (bicycles, iron bars) in 8 laboratories of MERCOSUR was carried out.