Mid-Term Evaluation for the EU-SADC Trade Facilitation Programme (TFP)



Funding body

European Unión.


13/06/2022 – 13/09/2022



The project, funded by the SIEA-Lot 2 Framework Contract, aims to carry out a mid-term evaluation of the TFP. 

The TFP, funded under the 11th EDF, has a duration of five years (2019-2024) and is implemented under the Contribution Agreement modality between the EU and SADC, which allows the SADC Secretariat to use its own rules and procedures in the implementation. 

The TFP aims to contribute to strengthening inclusive economic development in the region through deepening regional integration, in particular trade facilitation and intra-regional trade flows.

The evaluation will focus on progress to date, identification of underlying causes and elaboration of recommendations on how to improve the implementation of the Action in the remaining period of implementation in order to achieve the envisaged objectives, taking into account challenges and opportunities.

It will also provide recommendations on how best to link and create synergies with upcoming EU-funded programmes and for the next programming period, based on lessons learned.