Project: «AL-INVEST 5.0: an inclusive growth for social cohesion in latin america». Activity 2.5.1: incorporation of good practices in environmental management «workshop on incorporation of good practices in environmental management»

Contract developed within the framework of the "AL-INVEST 5.0" project, which has as one of its objectives to contribute to the reduction of poverty in Latin America by improving the productivity of micro, small and medium-sized companies, promoting their sustainable development.


Republic of de Cuba

Funding body



Prysma participated in activities to support MSMEs in the Republic of Cuba in coordination with professional organizations and / or Cuban public entities (CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF THE REPUBLIC OF CUBA), designing and teaching sectoral workshops on the application of good environmental practices for the minimization of the generation of waste, discharges and emissions, consumption of resources, water and energy applied to the group’s activity sector.

The objective was to strengthen the technical, theoretical and practical capacity of the participants regarding the concepts of good environmental practices and their application focused on three business sectors; Science, Technology and the Environment, Computing and Communications and Pharm.

In-person workshops were held with master sessions and sectoral practical sessions