Support for the development of a Geographical Indication (GI) Certification Scheme for Quality Exports in Guyana

The overall objective of this project is to revitalize the economy of Guyana into more globally competitive, inclusive and prosperous economies through their smooth and gradual integration into the regional and global economy, thereby contributing to job creation, poverty reduction and sustainable development.



Financing Institution
Date start-End

06/06/2019 - 06/11/2020


The project is part of the TradeCOM II Programme which aims to strengthen the capacity of ACP countries and regions to formulate and implement appropriate trade policies and trade agreements, including WTO agreements, with a focus on enhancing the competitiveness of the private sector.
The specific activities implemented included:

  1. Development of an exhaustive list of key indicators on the GI eligibility and market potential of identified products and list of questions for interviews with target stakeholders
  2. Drafting of GI Technical Specifications of three selected products: Barima Wild Hearts of Palm Guyana Rice and Guyana Greenheart Wood,
  3. Drafting of Guidelines to Geographical Indications in Guyana, with the needed orientation to set up a GI, its GI management body and its internal control plan, as well as to draft the GI Technical Specifications to be submitted when applying for registration in Guyana
  4. Drafting of Guidelines for Market Access Strategies of three selected products: Barima Wild Hearts of Palm, Guyana Rice and Guyana Greenheart Wood