Support programme for CRETEC: strenghtening as advisory body on technical regulations


Republic of Guatemala

Funding body

25/01/2019 – 24/12/2020


Within the framework of the Programme «Support to Improve Competitiveness and Trade Capacity of MSMEs and Cooperatives».

The project aims at strengthening the accreditation and certification capacities of the competent institutions with a view to facilitating access by MSMEs and cooperatives to certification services and supporting the competent institutions in updating and/or drafting rules and regulations for compliance with market requirements by MSMEs and cooperatives.

To this end, technical assistance is provided with the following specific objectives:

Support the Guatemalan Accreditation Office - OGA - to expand the scope of international recognition as an Accreditation Organization

Strengthen the National Commission for Technical Regulation - CRETEC - as a consultative and advisory body on technical regulation in Guatemala