Technical assistance for certification of products and services


Worldwide (Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Austria, Portugal, France, Scotland, Italy, Russia, India, Turkey, USA, Cuba, Paraguay, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Angola, Guinea)

Funding body

Private (SMEs, Large Industries and Enterprises) & Public Institutions


2013 – on going


General Objectives

Strengthening of quality infrastructure systems (Accreditation, Standardization, Certification, Inspection, Metrology, Laboratories).

Ensure compliance with international market requirements within the framework of World Trade Organization agreements: OTC (Technical Barriers to Trade), SPS (Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures), Trade in products / services.

Improve competitiveness at the business, sectoral, regional, national level and Support to the private sector.

Expand the portfolio of products / services in the private and public sectors, as well as opening up to new regional and international markets.

Specific Objectives

Standardization and Regulation of International legislation, European Directives and Technical Regulations, to indicate what a product should be like or how a service should work so that it is safe and comes up to the consumer's expectations

Trade of goods and services to the Global Market, by compliance on the requirements established in EU Directives, European and International Standards, and Technical Regulations

Certification, Inspection, Market Surveillance and Conformity Assessments of products/processes/firms to verify requirements defined in Standards, Directives, Regulations or Technical specifications

Organizations and Companies will be able to satisfy customer needs and will generate more confidence in the market among suppliers and customer

Improving competitiveness and access to regional and global markets through the support to the private sector, particularly SMEs, in the compliance with international requirements and technical specifications to facilitate trade and market access, as well as provision of capacity building activities

For this purpose, our technical assistance includes

Assessments, Diagnostics, Audits and Inspections to support SMEs and Large Industries/Enterprises to demonstrate their competence according to International/European/National Standards, EU Directives-Regulations and Technical Regulations

Support for certification, verifying compliance with international standards and regulations to facilitate trade

Support in elaborating and monitoring action plans

Training, Capacity building activities and transfer of know-how to SMEs, Large Industries/Enterprises and Public officials in the areas of Quality, Food Safety, Environment, H&S at Work, Energy, Innovation, Social Responsibility, Information security, other

Better Training for Safer Food (EU Executive Agency for Health and Consumer): training staff of competent authorities of Member States involved to contribute to ensuring a uniform approach to official controls and harmonized fair procedures based on the relevant legislation. (Regulation 882/2004 and Decision 2006/677/EC)