Technical assistance for the implementation of the regional productive strategy for MSMES

This assignment is part of the Regional Project to Support the Private Sector in Central America (ADESEP) whose general objective is to promote entrepreneurship and improve the competitiveness of the private sector (particularly MSMEs) in Central America within the framework of regional and international trade.


Central American countries, Belize and the Dominican Republic

Funding body

01/2020 - 11/2020


The specific objective of the contract is to provide Technical Assistance services to guarantee support for the implementation of the Regional Strategy for Productive Articulation MIPYME through a triangular cooperation scheme that generates effective instruments to improve competitiveness, inclusion and increased market insertion. regional and international by the MSMEs of the SICA Region.

Given that it needs to be framed in the field of South-South cooperation, the country chosen for the exchange of knowledge and technical support is Chile and the and the activities involved are the following:

Creation and transfer of the Regional Observatory of Competitiveness and Productive and Sustainable Innovation of the MSMEs, in order to generate and keep updated relevant information on competitiveness, productivity and sustainable development that affect MSMEs in the region.

Creation and transfer of the Innovation Center model on agri-food and fishery products based on R + D + i, with the aim of generating innovative productive adaptations to market requirements and demands.