Technical assistance to implement and certify management systems in industrial sectors (quality, safety, environment, among others) and conformity assessment bodies (CAB) for accreditation

Within the framework of the "Program to Strengthen the Competitiveness of Nicaraguan MSMEs (COMPETITIVIDAD)"

the general objective of the project was to increase the contribution of Nicaraguan MSMEs to national production, particularly to exportable and potentially exportable products.

To this end, technical assistance was provided, focusing on the following specific objectives

To improve the competitiveness of the business sector, through the implementation of Management Systems. To increase the business image of the selected companies through the certification of Management Systems.

Strengthen the National System of Conformity Assessment by promoting training and implementation of the requirements of the respective accreditation standards to the Conformity Assessment Bodies (Laboratories, Inspection Bodies and Certification Bodies) so that they can comply and be eligible for accreditation by the National Accreditation Office (ONA).

To contribute to the knowledge and awareness of environmental aspects and environmental sustainability in businessmen and women through training in national environmental legislation, environmental management system and cleaner production so that learning motivates them to execute actions for the compliance of environmental legislation.

Promote the implementation of environmental management tools (environmental management systems and cleaner production programmes) to support compliance with environmental legislation, the competitiveness of enterprises and the knowledge of environmental certifications for their export products