Technical assistance to strengthen the institutional, regulatory and service framework in areas of competitiveness of msmes and integration into value chains

The objective of this project is to contribute to an inclusive and sustainable economic growth and to the creation of employment through the improvement of the development and competitiveness of MSMEs and an improved business climate.

This general objective is articulated through two specific objectives:

To provide long- and short-term TA services to the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIC) and other beneficiary public institutions and entities, for the strengthening, implementation and application of the national legal, political and institutional framework in the relevant areas, and to improve public services to increase competitiveness of MSMEs, their integration into value chains and compliance with standards for market access.

Facilitate and ensure inter-institutional and private sector coordination of the components of the country's competitiveness programme, including the planning and follow-up of activities, as well as guaranteeing the consistency of prioritized actions.