Training and support for HACCP implementation for the company Zonah United – Fiji

The project is part of the framework contract COLEACP/AO/211218 “Support to strengthen the competitiveness and compliance of the ACP fruit and vegetable industry with the regulatory and/or private requirements of national, regional and international markets through training and technical assistance in the areas of food safety and plant health”.

Specifically, this assignment is part of the specific objective of the program «Fit For Market – Strengthening of the sanitary and phytosanitary systems of the ACP horticultural sector» (FFM SPS) to strengthen the capacities of small producers, groups and organizations of farmers and horticultural MSMEs to access local and international markets by complying with SPS measures and other market measures.

The objective of the mission is to train the personnel of the company Zonah United (Fiji) in the principles of HACCP and the technical implications of the implementation of this system, advising and technically supporting the HACCP team during the implementation of the action plan previously developed, with the ultimate goal of achieving HACCP certification.

The main results of the project are:

  • Zonah United staff knows and understands the principles and usefulness of the HACCP system, applying it in their facilities.
  • The situation of the Zonah United facilities has been evaluated and the necessary actions (mainly linked to procedures) have been implemented to achieve the level of compliance required by the HACCP system.
  • Activities have been planned (schedule/responsibilities) to maintain compliance with the HACCP system and renew the certification annually.