Training of Trainers for Hargy Oil Palms Limited in Papua New Guinea

The project is part of the framework contract COLEACP/AO/211217 “Support to strengthen the competitiveness and compliance of ACP horticultural sectors with the regulatory and private requirements of national, regional and international markets through training and technical assistance in the areas of agricultural production/processing and environmental management”.

Specifically, this assignment is part of the specific objective of the program FFM SPS o enable smallholder farmers, farmer groups and organizations and MSMEs to access international and national horticultural markets by complying with SPS regulations and market requirements in a sustainable manner.

The objective of the mission is to build the capacities of Hargy’s trainers’ respective technical and general pedagogical topics to be able to provide in-company training to all categories of company workers. Specifically, this will be on Strengthening of technical skills on food safety, hygiene, traceability, crop protection, IPM, safe use of pesticides and strengthening of pedagogical skills through basic techniques of communication and training and be able to use the Field Training Workshop developed by COLEACP.

The main result of the project is to enable Hargy Oil Palms Limited employees to conduct complete training sessions on themselves: organization of a training course, establishment of the program and schedule, details of the content and key messages, preparation of training tools, facilitation, evaluation of the participants.