Economic Development and Competitiveness

International Projects

PRYSMA supports the development of the private sector and SMEs by enhancing their competitiveness, promoting and facilitating trade and assisting them in accessing to regional and international markets.

To this end, it carries out its activities in the following areas of specialization

Elaboration of Strategic and operational plans for entrepreneurship, competitiveness and internationalisation of the private sector, including SMEs and micro enterprises

Trade facilitation and export promotion. Regional integration

Implementation of mechanisms and tools for the reduction of technical barriers to trade (TBT) and sanitary and phytosanitary measures (SPS)

Integration of conformity assessment, product safety and consumer protection processes in the private sector activities

Compliance with international trade standards and international trade agreements

Analysis of export value chains and development of strategic plans

Support in the implementation of European legislation and international standards on food safety and provision of capacity building on those topics

Support to bodies involved in official food safety controls

Occupational Safety and Health Regulations

Design, development and implementation of Information Systems

Implementation of technological solutions applied to the improvement of business processes


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