Public Policies and Institutional Strenghtening

International Projects

PRYSMA assists governments at central, regional and local levels in the development of policies in various areas.

Supporting the strengthening, reform and modernisation of institutions through the provision of technical assistance for the identification and implementation of strategic reforms.

PRYSMA provides support in the following areas of expertise

Design, Development and Implementation of Public Policies on Quality Infrastructure, Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures – SPS

Strengthening legal and regulatory frameworks

Supporting regulatory reforms and development of strategic planning

Institutional capacity development

Elaboration of technical, economic and socioeconomic studies

Support for public-private dialogue

Support in the adequacy of national quality infrastructure systems in line with international and European standards to ensure impartiality, integrity, consumer safety and technical competence

Market Surveillance and Consumer Protection Policies

Strengthening strategies for pre-accession to the European Union and for harmonisation with the "acquis Communautaire”


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